Eva Räder


12 oktober t/m 16 november 2019

Eva Räder (1978) studeerde aan de Ateliers Amsterdam (2006-2008) en aan de kunstacademie in Berlijn onder Georg Baselitz en Daniel Richter. Het werk van Räder is aan de ene kant sensueel en sierlijk en aan de andere kant stevig en soms zelfs grof geschilderd, in kenmerkende stijl en kleuren. De werken staan op zichzelf maar vormen ook een geheel, als hoofdstukken in een verhaal. Haar schilderijen tonen portretten, bloemen, vogels, landschappen naakten en selfie queens.

In her paintings Eva Räder interweaves art-historical, mass-media and pop-culture into new pictorial worlds. Räder puts a focus on the depiction of the psychic, multi-layered levels of the human being, with her portraits she creates a genuine reality, she confronts the observer not only formally with an expressive representation, but also with the contradictory nature of the soul and the ratio.

In a long-lasting creative process, which often begins with an impartial impulse, she uses several techniques such as oil, acrylic or watercolor painting. The result is an interaction of apparent chaos and order. The paintings are not abstract, they transform reality in the expressive use of colour, brushstroke and composition. Räder develops a commitment that goes far beyond mere documentarism of the present day and thus set an artistic attitude to the official picture language of the mass media. The paintings invite you to follow the story of seeing. They express cultural peculiarities of society or modern visualization and evoke a projection field of human yearnings, desires and fears. The viewer is repeatedly thrown back on himself and challenged to make his own picture.

Eva Räder | Nudes